- What Is Halal? -

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Halal as a whole is a lifestyle based on Islamic guidelines on how one should live their lives; from day to day activities to religious holidays to who and what we come in contact with. When it comes to dietary guidelines we follow strict guidelines to eat as natural as possible and to remove cruelty from the animals lifetime. All our animals go through the strict halal process so that we can provide the highest quality in meats.


The halal process begins with making sure the animal lives an all natural healthy lifestyle. The animal cannot be caged up, it cannot be force-fed, and it cannot be given any unnatural substances for enhancements. The animal can be treated for any sicknesses after modern medical and scientific analysis - other than that it cannot have any manipulation of sorts, that nature does not provide. These specifications have to be monitored and maintained before the slaughtering process.


Once the animal is chosen for slaughtering there are further halal guidelines to conduct the act as humanely as possible. First, the animal cannot be kept in the cage after being chosen longer than 3 hours, also each animal should be slaughtered in complete isolation from all the other animals.


Second, the animal must not also visibly see the blade being used for slaughtering. This prevents unnecessary stress and fear; the increase in blood flow, adrenaline, and tenseness effects the quality and taste of the meat also.


Third, once the animal is isolated the slaughtering must be done in one clean swipe. Before the swipe is made the animal is faced to the East and a prayer is made to the Creator of the world thanking and confirming that this animal was slaughtered to provide food and energy and that the slaughtering was not done in vain.


Fourth, the animal has to be cut at the jugular cutting all connection to feelings and provides immediate relief. Other inhumane methods of shocking, shooting, and beating nullify the process completely.


Once the slaughtering process is complete the animal must be positioned upside down to let gravity remove all the blood. The blood is removed for the purpose of limiting diseases and viruses that the animal could transfer. It also enhances the taste by removing the natural iron like taste of blood. After the blood draining process the animal must be cleaned and may never come in contact with any other animal that is not permissible in the halal guidelines, these animals are: pigs, carnivores, and bottom feeders.


The halal methods preserve respect for all living things and are simple to follow. They allow us to make sure what we put in our body justifies healthy living during their lifetime and once they are ready for consumption.